Friday, March 2, 2012

Wind-up Knight T-Shirt

No school tomorrow, thus, no napkins.
But I "owed" Archer a t-shirt, having painted two for his brother already.
He told me making a Wind-up Knight shirt was probably unnecessary, given the popularity of the game, he argued, commercial shirts would soon be available, and that would be better...
But mass produced Knight shirts would probably not be wearing the specific armor that he had spent his allowance on...


  1. I want one too!
    Can I buy one from you?

  2. How did you paint like that on a t-shirt?
    I mean, technically, how did you make a print like that, with transparent background on a black shirt?

  3. It is just light, opaque and metallic paints on a black shirt. In some cases, it required several layers to build up an opaque surface as I did not really have the right paint.
    I have not painted shirts for anyone other than my kids so, I cannot really offer a commercially uniform product, but if you are really interested, let me know and we will try to work something out...

    1. So you actually manually painted on the shirt with a brush?
      It isn't a print?

  4. Just paint applied with a brush. We had some left over from the craft project for a fifth birthday.